3 Year Old Pre-School

Make Friends (3-day program)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
9am to 11:30am
Extended Day Option Available. Click here for more details

Merrick Community Nursery School offers a wonderful opportunity to develop your child’s sense of community. Children often work together in groups or at one of the play centers. The principles of self-control, sharing, compromise and empathy are seen at work here every day.

Three year olds will expect to experience lots of sensory, tactile, pretend and imaginative play, creative expression and the introduction of curriculum based projects. Fine motor skills are developed by cutting, painting and coloring. Learning about different animals, our environment as well as the change of the seasons.

Themes throughout the year include:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Arctic Animals
  • Safari
  • Pond Life

Children play outside every day, weather permitting. Our large, tree shaded and fenced-in playground has a tree house, sandbox and bike path and sets the scene for dramatic play on a grand scale. For inclement weather, a large indoor room is also equipped with a variety of gross motor equipment.